On the initiative of the Schneefernerhaus Environmental Research Station (UFS) on the Zugspitze and with support from the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, the “Virtual Alpine Observatory” ( VAO ) network bundles the activities of research stations in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany.

Within this framework, a modern and innovative IT infrastructure has been developed for research data management, analysis and collaboration - the “Alpine Environmental Data Analysis Centre” (AlpEnDAC). It includes data archival and Computing-on-Demand functionalities, e.g. for pollutant dispersion simulations. Data are conveniently visualised and can be directly published. Also, remote operation of instruments (Operating-on-Demand) is supported.

This project has been developed by the VAO-II and AlpEnDAC-II collaborations. With the University of Augsburg leading the effort, LRZ, DLR, UFS and bifa participated in AlpEnDAC-II.

As an example for the technical inner workings, the picture below shows the principles behind the Operating-on-Demand backend, deployed at LRZ.