Stephan Hachinger


Dr. Stephan Hachinger leads the Research Data Management (FDM/RDM) Team at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ, part of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities). He holds a Ph.D. degree in astrophysics (2011, MPA / TU Munich), where he worked on radiative-transfer simulations and supernova data. In 2014, he joined LRZ in the AlpEnDAC project. His focus is nowadays on FAIR RDM (and on conceptualising respective LRZ services, as well as facilitating data-driven workflows), but still his projects are often relating to environmental computing with its exciting and demanding use cases.

Selected Projects and Collaborations

  • EXA4MIND (EXtreme Analytics for MINing Data spaces, Horizon Europe GA 101092944, lead Dr. J. Martinovič – IT4Innovations/VSB-TUO)

    • bridging the gaps between databases, HPC and FAIR data ecosystems

    • smart vineyards as a specific environmental-computing use case

  • CRC/TRR356 (Transregio “Genetic diversity shaping biotic interactions of plants” – “PlantMicrobe”, DFG, lead Prof. Dr. M. Parniske – LMU), IT subproject I01

  • NFDI4Earth (NFDI Consortium Earth System Sciences, DFG/Bund-Länder, lead Prof. Dr. L. Bernard – TUDD)

    • IG HPC in Earth System Sciences, aiming at FAIR RDM in HPC.

    • Member of steering committee - periods 2022/23 and 2023/24.

  • AlpEnDAC (Alpine Environmental Data Analysis Centre / Virtual Alpine Observatory, Bay. STMUV, lead Prof. M. Bittner – UAU/DLR)

    • Research Data Management for alpine research facilities

    • Computing-on-demand service for “one-click simulations”

  • SuperMUC(-NG) projects “SCENE” (2018-2020, SuperMUC result book 2020, p. 194) and “CHAPTER” (2021-2023) on simulations with WRF (scientific lead: group of Dr. A. Parodi – CIMA Research Foundation, Savona, Italy)

  • Collaboration with ESM group at TUM CIT school TUM-EI-ESM (Environmental Sensing and Modeling, group of Prof. Dr. J. Chen) on WRF-GHG simulations and more

  • ePIN and successive projects on pollen monitoring (LGL, ZAUM - group of Prof. Dr. Jeroen Buters)

Selected R&D Interests

  • Research Data Management

    • Systems/Platforms/Tools for facilitating & controlling data sharing and publication

    • RDM with heterogeneous data sources (file formats, databases)

    • Metadata schemas

    • European and national data management platforms

  • Data-driven workflows involving HPC and Cloud Computing

    • Workflow orchestration

    • Automated data management within workflows

    • Infrastructure setup and optimisation

Further Information and Contact

Please feel free to have a look at my homepage.